"Greg Correll is a pleasure to work with.  I hired him to design a book and its accompanying website.  He picked up very quickly on what I was interested in for the book cover, presented some ideas, and produced a pleasing, masterful result.  He also did a fine job designing and laying out of the book's text.  Greg then went on to develop the website based on the style of the book.  They both expertly coordinate without being tediously identical.  Greg uses a collaborative approach to design.  If he feels strongly about some thing he will tell you. Only one case did he insist and with this he fully and patiently explained why.  What he proposed made perfect sense.  Greg brought me in to the process populating the website and trained me in making updates and improvements.  In this process sometimes he had to repeat himself about things I had not understood a couple of days before."



"I hired Greg Correll to edit (and design) my book, Get The Public Education Your Kids Deserve.”  As we worked together I learned he has a great ear for clarity of language and clarity that might be different depending on the intended audience.  Almost all his proposals were improvements.  Sometimes they triggered additional improvements from me.  Sometimes they were just the right way to go as they stood.  Some of the elements of Greg's design for the text served appropriately to accentuate or de-accentuate the content.  For this project his excellence at editing and design went hand in hand. I could hardly be happier about how my book turned out."

Chris Duncan
Education Advocacy of the Hudson Valley