Public Relations

Every enterprise has stories to tell. And small packages knows how to frame and position your news, case studies, research, products or capabilities to your best advantage.

Public Relations is the most effective way to form favorable public opinion. Sustained media coverage establishes credibility, communicates your company's qualifications, increases awareness, and will, over time, build you and your organization into a media source for your industry.

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The premier provider of digital marketing technology and services


  • To develop a PR launch for Doubleclick's new research division, Diameter, that would catch the attention of prospects, the media and industry analysts.


  • Established Diameter as a new and credible source for online advertising and user metrics
  • Successfully placed Diameter in key print and online publications
  • Introduced new Diameter and its staff to the industry and analysts



Double Click wanted to create buzz for the new research division they were launching. Their strategy to position Diameter at a distance from Double Click led them to seek professionals outside of their own in-house PR department.


Content Development
planAdvertSlide1 PowerPoint presentations on and demos of each of Diameter's products were developed to showcase their capabilities. And we used metrics obtained from using Diameter's software products to create visual snapshots that were published in trade magazines like Ad Week and the Financial Times.

Public Relations
The company and its business-to-business online marketing metrics products were presented simultaneously to the media, industry analysts, and its target audience, advertising and marketing professionals. We organized a catered industry coming-out party and set up computer stations where guests could view PowerPoint presentations on and demos of each of the products and their capabilities. News releases were disseminated to the media and analysts with interviews scheduled. Application stories were written based upon the product's beta users.


The PowerPoint and demos proved to be powerful tools for Diameter's sales department. Press releases and interviews were piced up by publications such as The New York Times, Financial Times, eCommerce times, Ad Week, and more.


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Building Audience for your Website

If you build it, they will come -- is a philosophy that only works in the movies.

Building audience for your website is constant work. It begins with delivering relevant web content to a specified audience. And because the web is continually evolving and growing, your tactics for building audience must evolve and grow, too.

From search engine optimization and content development, to the creation of audience building campaigns that include promotions, partnerships, public relations, and email, we know how to build and retain the right audience for your website.

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The award-winning online encyclopedia of technology terms


  • To shape and develop a small collection of online technology definitions into a dynamic, recognized and profitable web enterprise.


  • 85,000 + unique users each day
  • Over 8 million ad impressions per month
  • 12,000 links
  • 50 awards and press mentions
  • Successful acquisition by Boston-based technology company, TechTarget



The late 90s was a time of unprecedented growth in technology and the Web. Lowell Thing, a technical writer for IBM, and creator of, began writing useful technology definitions to help anyone who happened to stumble upon his home-grown Web site.

When hired us, they were receiving 700 users each day to the site. small packages, inc was to become the creative, marketing, and PR departments for this exciting entrepreneurial adventure. Our challenge was to shape and develop a small, but growing collection of online technology definitions into a dynamic, recognized enterprise.


Creative Direction
We chose a simple, black and white (and red) color scheme. We put enough white space around discrete sections and unique elelments, so nothing would look "crowded". We omitted ANYTHING that wasn't related to the core material: search, read definition, search again. The identity system was small and memorable: the "?" mark over the dot in A la Tufte, we made all division lines and subordinate elements a light grey. Clarity, simplicity, elegance.

small packages also designed banner ads, new content sections, and custom promotional products to reinforce and reward users.

Marketing and Public Relations
Building and retaining web audience was key. We decided to target technology users and decision-makers since they would be more likely than home users to attract the advertising dollars we hoped to attain. To reach a large number of potential users quickly, small packages implemented a press campaign. Within several months, was highlighted in Wired, Inc. Technology, Information Week, and USA Today, among many others, bringing the number of unique users to well over 10,000 per day.

Ongoing Press outreach over the next few years brought the attention of many other renowned publications including Brills, PC Magazine, The Washington Times, ZD Net, Parade, Time Digital, and Discover Magazine. small packages developed an ongoing program of requesting links, registering at online directories, and reviewing search engines to maintain top results.

By 1999, small packages became a partner in We acquired an online ad agency, negotiated licensing agreements to translate the site into German, Spanish, and Korean, and syndicated content back to print. In 2000, with a sizeable revenue stream, and a loyal audience of mature IT professionals, small packages, together with Lowell, successfully negotiated the sale of to the Boston-based technology company, TechTarget.


With over 85,000 unique users, 8 million ad pages per month, 12,000 links, and over 50 awards and press mentions, was established as an indispensable resource for technology professionals and corporate managers worldwide.

Press & Awards

Smart Computing (December)
Nielsen Silver Award (October)
Learning Fountain Award (October)
Working Woman magazine (October)
The Internet TourBus (September 28)
Miami Herald (July 31)
Time Digital (May)
Parade magazine (April)
The Scout Report "Site of the Week" (April 21)
Brill's Content "Best of the Web" (April)
Seven Wonders, "Technical Support Site of the Week" (February 27)
Kingston Daily Freeman (February 18)
Planet IT "Web Site of the Week" (February 16)
New York Daily News (Sunday, February 13)

Internet Cool Guide "The Best 1000 Web Sites" (November) GO Network Award for "Outstanding Computing site" (September)
ZDNet "Internet Tonight" television show (August)
PC Magazine "Top 100 Web Sites" (July)
101 Ways to Promote Your Web Site by Susan Sweeney (July)
Windows Magazine "101 Best Business Sites" (May)

PC Magazine "Top 100 Web Sites" (April)
Starting Point "Top 500 Web sites" (October)
JBLingan Award for Internet Excellence (October)
EditPros News (June)
Computing (UK) "The Top Ten" (May)
Welcome Home to the Web (Toronto) Site of the Week (May)
The Washington Times "Site of the Week" (May)
Telstra Big Pond (Sydney, Australia) "Site of the Week" (April)
Investors On-Line (Canada) television show (March)
Tasty Bits from the Technology Front (February)
News-Talk Radio, 920 AM CJCH, in Halifax, Nova Scotia "Web Site of the Week" (January)
TipWorld Newsletter (January)
Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch. (January)
VisionX Software "Site of the Day" (January)

Home Magazine (December)
The Web Magazine (December)
Inc. Technology (November)
P.O.V. Magazine "Top 100 Web Sites" (November)
Wired Magazine (November)
User-rated Web100 (since October)
Virtual Institute of Information at Columbia University award for best reference site (October)
Elsevier Science Trends Guide to the Internet - 1997, published in (October)
Martin's Page "Sites of the Week"(September)
Information Week Magazine "Site of the Week" (August)
USA Today's Web site "Hot Site of the Day" (August)
@NY Newsletter (August)
APC, the Australian PC magazine (April)

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We come up with cool ideas. But our cool ideas are effective, grounded in research and a solid understanding of your marketplace and objectives.

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Who are your customers?
What the size of your potential market?
Who are your competitors?
What makes you different? better?
What are the time-sensitive opportunities in your industry?
What kind of technology is used by your audience? your competitors? How do your competitors tier, price, and position their products and services?
What are the industry, social, buying habits, and trends for your target audience?
What changes are coming for your industry or product category?
Who is the strategic decision maker within your sales target's executive structure?

These are just a few of the questions we answer as we develop an in-depth understandingof our clients and their operational realities.


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Your strategy document is your road map for success. Our expertise applied to your product and marketplace produces a prioritized, detailed plan, supported with sound research.

And we fulfill your strategy with creative, original marketing.

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It's brutal out there. The average person in America is exposed to more than 5,000 marketing messages per day. And with only seconds to engage your customer, how will you persuade them?

The average time spent considering a brand in a stroll down the supermarket aisle is less than a second. How will you move your brand from LOST to FOUND in such a competitive marketplace?

It takes a sound marketing strategy to maximize the window of opportunity to get noticed. That's where we come in. Whether you need a comprehensive marketing strategy or just want us to develop materials that support your own, we know how to capture audience with effective marketing messages.

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