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We read and listen. We have decades of design and marketing experience, and a talent for original and compelling design. We don't apply our art direction tics and mannerisms to your project. We look at your materials and intended audience, and the ideas and themes of your work, and find the visual ideas that inspire and succeed. If you need us to evolve and refine your book design and cover ideas, we focus our abilities on your vision. 

We understand your work is close to your heart. Our content editing approach is to understand what is intended, what is getting in the way of that intention, and offer precise descriptions of the issues and solutions. We meet each writer in their creative inner space, and respect their voice and style. We are positive with our criticism and suggestions. We help you to strengthen what works, and diminish what does not.

Websites and Site Apps

Joomla logo200We design and develop websites with Joomla, a Content Managment System (CMS).

We deliver sites and systems of all sizes and configurations, from complex, member-driven communities to elegant, media-rich information sites.


And with more than fifteen years of experience delivering online projects, we've honed our development process.

  1. We begin by listening and learning. Understanding your goals and audience helps us build the right solution for you.
  2. We prepare a Scope And Specifications Document (SSD) that itemizes our deliverables, articulates our strategy, identifies our technology, and sets the timetable, responsibilities, and budget.
  3. After your approval and deposit: for design projects we develop and present 2-3 design/navigation solutions; for development projects we make installs and essential function tests. These can be done concurrently. Have your own designer? We are experienced and flexible, and work well with teams.
  4. Once we have an approved design and navigation, we fulfill the SSD, adding functions, web content and capabilities. Together, we make necessary changes and adjustments.
  5. A final punchlist gets your website ready for launch.
  6. Testing is an integral part of the development process, to ensure that your site works well in all standard browsers and platforms.
  7. We provide maintenance and training, to ensure that you are ready to manage your site.

For all complex development projects we install and maintain a project management site for the life of the project, extensible based on service and maintenance agreements.

google hangouts 150We like Google+ Hangouts for video conferencing.

We use Adobe CC 2019 products for development.

We use activeCollab for project management.

We love RocketTheme templates, and CiviCRM!


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