How to Add and Format Images in Joomla Content

This how-to will help you add images to your articles and give them a margin so that text wraps attarctively around them.

Step One:
Open the article you wish to place an image in.
Place your cursor in the text line where you want the image (be sure you see the cursor bar flashing).
Click on "Insert/Edit image" in the JCE editor.

add-format images1

Step Two:
Add and existing image.

See "Image Manager Extended" popup.
This capture show how to insert an image that has already been uploaded to the site.
Follow the steps in the capture below. (Click on image to see larger view)

add-format images popup2

Step Three:
Upload a new image. (If the image you want is not already on the site)

Click on the Upload button in the Image Manager popup.

add-format images upload2a

See a second popup to upload image(s).

add-format images upload2b

After Inserting the image, see it appear in the Article.

add-format images3

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