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Amherst Writers & Artists   Monthly updates about events and training, plus selected classifieds, calls for proposals, and more. (The site offers a tool for finding local AMA workshops all over the world, too.)Sign-upPublicationsBlogLovin' Join-to-receive. A polyglot posting community; the newsletter gives teasers and samples. Bloglovin' regularly features content about and for Bloggers, too.Join/SubscribeBoston Review A top-tier venue for poetry, the newsletter offers meaningful excerpts. A good way to sample first-rate new work, and leartn about submissions and events, too. They regularly offer inventive ways to get published.SubscribeGlimmer Train A top-tier venue for writing. Unique small-sized hardcover editions, amazing and original writing, usually organized around themes. The newsletter is almost entirely calls for submissions. New and establisheed writers, but be advised: these folks expect highly polished finished works. "A" game only.Medium Join-to-receive. Arguably the most elegant and easy-to-read site design of any writing site. The newsletter emulates this spare interface, and provides meaningful amounts of text + images for each featured work—when you favorite writers and groups, a special digest comes (see capture) of those posts. Join. (This, and Wattpad, are the hottest sites for writers right now.)Talking/Writing A unique writing community with attentive and demanding editors (Martha Nichols is a superb editor). These folks expect highly polished finished works. "A" game only.SubscribeVerso Similar to Glimmer. Outstanding writing, intelligent minds. The newsletter itself has meaningful excerpts. These folks expect highly polished finished works. "A" game only.RegisterWattPad Hot new community for writers, with dedicated apps for devices. Informative newsletter.Sites & ServicesAuthors Publish LOTS of links, some kinda iffy, but most are useful and a nice variety, too.SubscribeBookPerk Ultra Cheap eBooks! $0.99-3.99 A daily tease of good books, new and older, too. Incredibly cheap.Freedom with Writing TONS of paying opportunities for writers at almost all levels. All over the map but lots of good things. The eNewsletter is a semi-daily sampler.Subscribe GoodReads Be careful. This is the Godzilla of books sites, fro writers and readers, and there are hundredss of active groups with newsletters full of content. Huff Post WritersLibraryThing Before Goodreads, this was where you posted your libreary. Still an excellent site, and has a program for free advance copies in trade for reviews. A good newsleetter.Linked-In Book Writers Almost defines the exemplary newsletter. A serious networking tool for writers. An amazing site.Writing Our Way Home Mindful writing site and resources. Thoughtful and unique. Each newsletter is like a letter, A post-publishing community, with resources and tools for authors with books. Solid newsletter, great resources.Hudson ValleyASK Playwright's Lab, Kingston, NY A unique and invaluable resource, the Lab brings together actors and writers in a safe but necessarily critical setting to try out performance scripts. The newsletter reminds and updates, and describes upcoming Lab "performances". You must participate for a while before you can have a piece read by actors. Hey, that's fair. I LOVED my experience here. Email Karen Rich (Tell her Greg Correll says hey!).Robert Milby, Hudson Valley Robert is the venerable-yet-spry peerless poet-n-poetry-promoter for these parts (the Hudson Valley+). His newsletters keep you up-to-date about upcoming featered readers in over a dozen venues, and almost all of them are Open Mic opportunities. He's also the Co-everything for CAPS, down in Beacon.SubscribeSpoken Word, Kingston, NY Spoken Word is Annie LaBarge's longstanding Poetry Reading and Open Mic, in a beautiful setting; her newsletter keeps you up-to-date about the readings and occassionally notifies about special events you might not hear about elsewhere.Subscribe
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